Why do you need a document management system

5 reasons you need a document management system

Doing business effectively is becoming more complex.

The amount of information flowing between you and your customers or suppliers is staggering. More importantly, a lot of these information are found in paper documents. Having a reliable Document Management System becomes really important to effectively manage your business.

Easy access to information
Easy access to information


Easy access

A Document Management System provides easy access to the information found in your paper documents. By using an ocr, information can be extracted from the scanned documents to allow easy and quick information Retrieval without any manual input.




Information Security
Information Security


Information found in documents are most of times very sensitive. A Document Management System provides the right balance between access of information and security. By using a user access control system, businesses can work with a granular permission system.







Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

Cost reduction
Whether we like it or not, dealing with paper documents involves costs:

  1. Storage costs
  2. Cost in terms of time to search information
  3. Photocopy costs
  4. Posting paper documents

Having a good Document Management System will allow your business to significantly reduce these costs and in the long term completely eliminate them.




Compressed Information
Compressed Information


It is a fact that businesses work differently from each other. A good Document Management System will be able to take these differences into consideration to gear the software towards the business needs and not the other way around. Customisation becomes a very important aspect in order to help the business continue with its usual activities but in a more efficient way.




Go Green
Go Green Now




Go Green
It is no secret nowadays that businesses have a responsibility to work in such a way that their natural environment is not adversely affected. A Document Management System allows a business to effectively implement such measures to reduce wastage of paper and ultimately aim to achieve a paper free environment.





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