World Paper Free Day

“This is the one day each year when we band together as a community to reduce the amount of paper in our business processes.” [1]

Today, 25th October, 2016 is the World Paper Free Day. This is among the most important day for In this post, we will see how can help you reduce the use of paper and the advantages that it brings.

Scan and Retrieve Documents allows businesses and organisations to easily scan and store their paper documents. This allows fast and easy retrieval of all paper documents that are stored within the system. The initial advantages of this system allows people to easily retrieve, view and share information with people in their teams or if they specifically choose to, share with people outside their team and business. For most staff and people working in organisations, tracking down files is a big hassle. But while searching for files that are stored in inconvenient boxes or have been stuffed in the wrong filing cabinet, many people may not consider the considerable expense of retrieving paper documents.

Paper, Printer and Copying Charges

Traditionally, firms have used tremendous amounts of paper. The costs of managing and storing all of this can be very expensive for the average firm. However, with, significant cost savings can be found through paperless efficiencies. Just eliminating the cost of printing papers and posting fees, a company or organisation can easily save a lot. Currently, documents have been shared and sent more than two thousand times in just the last three months. This is more than Rs 20,000 savings done in the last three months just by avoiding the printing, photocopying and posting of papers.

Duplication and Backup of Information

With, there is no need to duplicate the paper documents to create backups of the same documents. manages all the backups internal and offer secure and strong backup options which will ensure that you will never lose any information that you save. Information is duplicated on different servers which ensures that all your are properly and securely stored.

Encouraging the use of Electronic Documents

With a full-fledged Document Management System like, businesses can better streamline their activities. Instead of having paper forms to get information from clients, online forms and pdfs can be used to get all the information they need from their clients and members, be it a registration to their service, or a particular request. This in itself allows the company or organisation to save a lot of time getting the information which are automatically stored and retrieved whenever needed.




[1] – AIIM


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