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5 Tips for Organising your Paperwork

1. Start simple:
Choose a simple system to start with. For best results, take a few minutes and see how you use your papers and determine the best system based on this.

2. Use Files:
Files are important tools to properly organise your paperwork. Having a good number of files will allow you to properly categorise all your papers and easily find them based on the labels on each file.


Use of Coloured Files

3. Use colors:
Make use of colors or coloured labels to store your paper in different files. Having colors will allow to more easily associate documents with their proper location in the files.

4. Discard papers when needed:
We, as human beings, always have the habit of keeping the maximum amount of paper we have, in fear that we might lose information. A very good way is avoid is this is to digitise the information by using a Document Management System (DMS) such as ( Upon digitisation, you can easily discard these papers.

5. Eliminate paper completely:
If you want to completely eliminate problems associated with paper management, the best solution remains using a full-fledged Document Management System like This will allow you to digitise all your information, and using the in-built Optical Character Reader, it will allow you to quickly find any information you need within seconds.

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