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Do you know how much profits you make as a business?

Many small and medium retail businesses in Mauritius are thriving in the current economic conditions, at least, that is what they think. However, due to the complexity of maintaining proper records, it is sometimes difficult for them to properly calculate  how much profits they make at the end of the month.

Accounting Records

Most of the retail businesses in Mauritius, be it shops, self-service small supermarkets, or medium-sized supermarkets do not have proper accounting records. Although they do keep their receipts and invoices, they cannot tell with certainty how much profits they are making at a certain point in time. If you are one of them, then can provide you with a way to get this done. provides you with an easy solution to manage your purchases. Scan and upload your receipts and at the end of the month, and you can get a list of all your purchases, categorised by each supplier. This following image is an example of how you can view your purchases at the end of October, for example, getting an idea of your purchases per supplier and per month.

Purchases Chart
Generate purchases chart

How does it work? involves a simple 2 process setup. Scan your receipts and upload them. This will allow you to enter additional information for each purchase:

  1. Specify whether it is a cash or cheque purchase
  2. If it is a cheque purchase, specify the date the cheque will be cashed
  3. Add additional information like returns or goods
  4. Allows you to know what you ordered last time so that you do not have to prepare orders every time
  5. Prepare reports automatically and quickly on purchases and due amounts to suppliers adds plenty of other features designed to make your supermarket, shop or self-service easy to manage. With smart reports, you can easily take decisions on your cashflow and how to better manage your stock.

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Article by: Suyash Sumaroo

Technology enthusiast and blogger