Retail Plugin for Supermarkets and Small Shops

The retail sector in Mauritius is one of the most data intensive businesses in the market. Most Mauritian businesses have a lot of difficulty managing these data and making sense of them. This is where a proper, customisable Document Management System can be hugely useful.

Most small businesses and supermarkets in Mauritius have difficulty managing their costs and ultimately determining their real profits. allows these businesses to quickly set up their information through scanning their invoices and receipts and start making sense of all the information they already have.

Handy Information organises information in an easy and intuitive way. The following image shows a quick list of invoices and receipts which are present in a user’s system (please note that these are fictitious amounts and information).

Tabular representation of scanned information
Tabular representation of scanned information


Filtering Options allows you to quickly and efficiently filter information based on your current needs. This allows you to get the information you need and create reports and calculations based on these information. Filtering Options Filtering Options


List of Suppliers allows you to manage your list of suppliers and more importantly, verify all the purchases you made from each of them. This allows you to create reports of purchases you did for each of your suppliers. List of Suppliers List of Suppliers


If you need a full demo of all the features available for Mauritian Supermarkets and Shops, please feel free to contact us on (230)5491-2170 or at

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Article by: Suyash Sumaroo

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