- First Mauritian Document Management System – The first Mauritian Document Management System

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system which allows businesses and organisations to track, manage and store documents in a digital form and eventually reduce the use of papers.

In Mauritius, there are currently some DMS solutions available for Mauritian businesses but they suffer from the following problems:

  1. Very expensive – the current DMS solutions are expensive and can reach up to Rs100,000 per year for a license.
  2. Not customisable – most solutions are not easily customisable and customisations require additional investments.
  3. Developed for foreign markets – foreign markets have different needs and requirements and these DMS very often do not offer the right solutions to the businesses and the latter have to change their processes to accommodate the tools. is the only DMS solution which has been developed entirely in Mauritius, with the Mauritian needs and requirements in mind. solves the above-mentioned problems in the following ways:

  1. Cheap solution – businesses can choose a cheap solution and add plugins based on their specific needs.
  2. Customisable – has been developed with customisation as a basic element. Features are added as plugins and can be added and removed from the platform as and when needed. This is then reflected in the pricing of the product.
  3. Developed for the local market – has been developed with the local needs in mind.
  4. Cloud-based solution – is a cloud-based solution and as such can used with most devices, laptop, computers, tablets and even smartphones.
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Article by: Suyash Sumaroo

Technology enthusiast and blogger