How can reduce Government Expenditure

Lately, there has been a wave of criticism in Mauritius when people heard about the now-famous ‘Per Diem’ cost of travelling overseas for Mauritian Ministers. The rough figure of Rs 40,000 per day was given to the public, which will probably be reduced to around Rs 36,000 (there are some useful statistics found in a L’Express article). The question that begs an answer is why this amount is so high when you realise that this is probably two to four times the monthly salary of most income earners in Mauritius.

As a responsible company dedicated to the development of Mauritius, we are here to help the Government of Mauritius to better manage their finances. is the perfect solution to this problem. One of the best ways that was put forward to remedy this situation is for the Ministers to bring their receipts so that they can be reimbursed after their travels. provides a useful platform where you can simply take a picture of your receipts, and instantly upload them on the platform which can later be retrieved to calculate the amount to be reimbursed. All the proofs of expenses will be present so as to justify the expenses.

As a commitment, will be provided completely free for use in order to track these expenses and show that the expenses are justified. In the meantime, any Government official is encouraged to create a free account and see how this can so easily be done.



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Article by: Suyash Sumaroo

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