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How to keep your warranty card secure

With the festive season finally around, a lot of Mauritians are surely looking to buy some stuffs for their homes. A fridge, a new flat-screen TV, a brand new smartphone. In Mauritius, when you make these purchases, you usually get receipts and warranty cards, which, mind you, are very important in case their is a problem with the things you bought. provides you with an easy way to properly store these important documents online. Just scan them, or take a picture from your smartphone and upload them online. You can then securely store the hard copies in a proper file, in a drawer. Whenever you need any information, will provide you with all the relevant data within seconds.

As such, by using, you will benefit from these advantages:

  1. always have an online copy of your warranty card and receipts
  2. easily search for information
  3. instantly see the price your paid for your product
  4. instantly check the conditions of the warranty online without the need to go look for the warranty
  5. benefit from a 3-month free trial

Feel free to contact us on 5491-2170 to get more information on how can help you organise your receipts and warranty cards.

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Article by: Suyash Sumaroo

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